Bukit Gasing Youth Leadership Camp

We'll be conducting a Bukit Gasing leadership camp from 28 Nov to 30 Nov. Trainers are from the Bar Council and modules are apolitical. If you're interested to send your child/children, do revert to us with the response slip by fax or email. More details below.

1. To enhance the leadership skills of participants by giving them an opportunity to think and speak.
2. To encourage participants to work together as a team.
3. To enhance the listening skills of the participants and help them debate contentious issues in a reasoned and matured manner.
4. To help participants have a better understanding of Malaysian realities including basic human rights.
5. To help participants have a better understanding of the Malaysian political system.
6. To foster better understanding across ethnic and religious lines.

The purpose of the session is not to teach but to create an environment where participants can learn … if they choose to. Participants will learn not just from speakers who provide inputs but also from talking, listening and interacting with one another.

1. Sessions will be activity based.
2. There will be frequent use of games and other energizers to help break the monotony.
3. Input will normally come at the end of a session after the person who is to give the input has had a chance to hear what the participants have to say.
4. Input need to build on where the participants are at and deal with their specific concerns and areas of doubt.
5. Time will be allocated for outdoor activities.

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