.:Section 17 water cuts:.

By Joey
Friday 30 Sept 2008

Residents in section 17, PJ, have been fuming over frequent water cuts. According to Syabas, this is to facilitate repair works on burst pipes or "paip bocor". (On one of his visits to the affected area, Edward personally saw a burst pipe along Jalan University.)

Edward will be calling for a meeting between affected residents and Syabas to probe further into this matter and to find a remedy for this recurring problem. The proposed meeting will be held in section 17, sometime in October. Details will be confirmed in due time.

Residents of section 17 facing similar problems are welcome to attend.

If you require immediate assistance, you may call Syabas' customer service directly on its toll-free line: 1800-88 5252.


tang said...

17 september, abt10.30 pm
5 october, abt 10.00am
I stay in Section 17/29. i started marking the dates in sept after many water cuts previous months.Fyi,the above 2 days, v encounter water cuts .

Food so delicious! said...


This paip bocor story has been going on for the longest time! I am staying at Section 17 and I can tell you that at least once a month, there will be some paip bocor and that will render some roads without water for the whole day!! Now, once in awhile that happens, I can understand but every month and at times every week, now that is a bit too much!

How come always bocor? How come always low water pressure? How come every month or every week!? This is so so so not happening!

Another thing, last week, 10th October, my road was being resurfaced and the work done is simply.. SHITTY! I have appended my complain to JKR via their website here for you to follow up...

"I am staying at 17/48, 46400 Petaling Jaya and on Friday, 10th October, I came home to a blocked road as the whole stretch was being tarred. Resurfaced, make pretty, call it whatever you like but it was an unpleasant encounter!

To begin with, there was no notice for such work to be carried out on Friday. I came home in a taxi with lots of baggages and I had to drag/lung/carry/pull my barang-barang from the point of the entrance of the road to my house which is located at the other end!! Now, if notice were given, I would have made alternative arrangements.. i.e. not bring home so many baggages, have it brought home another day or something! Instead of breaking my back trying to manage all my baggages!

Another thing that really pissed me off so badly is the fact that the road was tarred.. Fine and well but the road shoulder, meaning that little piece of acess between the road and the entrance of my house is left untarred! For the love of Mary and GOD, why such sloppy and unclever thing to do!! There is now a 3inches difference between the road and that little piece of land outside the entrance of my house! If that is not a problem, try imagining a big puddle of water stuck infront of my house entrance as the road is now on a higher level.

Of course, I could have it tarred at my expense of RM160 from one of those men that come banging your door and harrass you to tar that little portion. WHY SHOULD I!? THAT PORTION DOES NOT BELONG TO ME... and if water is going to be pooled there and breed mosquitoes I am not going to give 2 ass about it and neither am I going to pay for the fine! Afterall, I have paid all my cukai to the kerajaan and majlis perbandaran to keep such common area clean and pretty, so why should I pay again to have it tarred.

NOW, I am requesting that your contractor get all those little areas between the common road and house entrance tarred properly at no charge. I expect such work to be done within the next 2 weeks (i.e. by end of October 2008 and not in the next 2 years!) during office hours as not to inconvenient the house owners.

Should you need to speak to me about this, you may call me at 016-282 7657. I am going to email this little complain to all relevant departments and I expect prompt action!

Best regards,
Pearly Long

So, Edward, can I see some action here...

Edward Lee said...

Hi Tang and Pearly,

Would you send an email to edwardlee.pj[at]gmail[dot]com instead? To make this complaint official. Thanks!

Also, Pearly, if you needed this to be done urgently (ie by end of October 2008 and not in the next two years), you should've just given Edward a call (as all pressing matters require).

I'm sure you'd be able to spot his number on the sidebar.