Service centre

We've acquired an office to be used as our service centre, and it's provided for free by MBPJ. It was actually for the previous years' MBPJ councillors to use but it remained unoccupied. Not sure why...

Anyway, we're open Tuesdays from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, so do pop by our cosy little space :)


lovemad said...

I have an issue with Lease renewal. Can I drop by?

Edward Lee said...


We'll be closed tomorrow (1st May) and will reopen the following Tues night (8th May).

You may also email Simon Lee at stating your issues.


Tony Chen said...

My house at 23 Jalan 2/23 submitted for renewal for 99 yrs more than 2 yrs now, however they wasn't any news at from the Land Office, upon checking they inform us due the house operating food stall, as such cannot be renew, but sure they must be a solution to this problem as there are so many houses using it as business, in order to earn a living as owners are all senior citizens.Therefore can I come n see you next Tuesday 27 May to get some advise what is our next course of action to be taken, as the lease already expire in May 2013. Tony Chen 016 6380027

Edward Lee said...

Hi Tony,

Edward Lee passed away from cancer in December 2011..

As your house is located in Section 2, you will need to meet with the Taman Medan ADUN, YB Haniza Talha (

Sections 2, 3 and 4 fall under Taman Medan.