Complaints : steps

Step 1:
Call MBPJ at their hotline at 03-7954 2020 or email them at to lodge a complaint. Get a reference number of the lodged complaint. Be sure to have all necessary information before calling, eg address of area of complaint, and leave your contact number so that they're able to call you back.

Step 2:
If there is no action, do visit MBPJ every alternate Friday (1st and 3rd week of the month) from 8am - 12pm at the MBPJ Civic Centre with your complaint reference number to follow up. (You may also go to MBPJ straight away to lodge your complaint and get your reference number there.) The sessions every alternate Friday is the council's meet-the-public session and all Heads of Department are required to be present to tend to the the public's complaints.

Step 3:
Should there still be no response to your issue, get your local councillor to follow up on the complaint.

Step 4:
If there's still no action after going through steps 1-3,
email us and we will enquire with the necessary departments about the complainant.

(The reason we do not encourage the public to come directly to Ed is because the public must give MBPJ a chance to correct the problem first.)


KoSong Cafe said...

I think you have provided very useful information on the correct procedures to lodge complaints.

But I wish to inform about a general complaint about some trees which have overgrown branches touching some houses (back portion) along Jalan 14/1. The area seems to be state land - between the houses and Asia Jaya LRT Station, near Millenium Square.

Incidentally, is this part of Section 14 under your constituency?

Edward Lee said...

Hey Kosong Cafe,

Yes, Jalan 14/1 is under Bukit Gasing constituency.


lupie said...

I want to complain an incident in Bkt Bintang area, where uniformed MBPJ men and N.34 assemblyman harrassed a couple shouting "kuning, kuning" .... near mid-nite... causing her distress and now, her unborn baby is in risk!

What I don't understand is why MBPJ uniformed men doing in Bkt Bintang? To me, it is clearly an abuse of power!

Edward Lee said...

Hi Lupie,

1. You clearly didn't read the steps to complain properly, but it's okay - it's obviously your intention to pen your opinion in this blog.

2. Get your facts right. I won't write a rebuttal here, but do have a read here:

3. I hope you'll follow this case VERY closely to remind you not to jump to conclusions so quickly :)