.:Barisan Rakyat:.

Comprehensive result here.

8 March 2008
6amI woke up thinking that unc Ed might just win the Bukit Gasing seat.

Was slightly doubtful as we only had three ceramahs and the committee members were all first timers (except John Chung - 2004 candidate for Bukit Gasing).
6.45amWith two hours of sleep, I trudged on to my school, Sri Damai.

Was quite flustered when I arrived as I had to check voters' details as well as hand out PAs' kits.

Good thing I had some back up when PKR's supporters came and helped to check voters' details as I tabulated discrepancies from my PAs.
5pmAs I was waiting for results for Damai school, my stomach was doing the flip flops. It was as though I was about to write a major examination paper.

As results trickled in for Damai, I got more and more amazed and thought, "Okay, looks like we can win."


Final count was in and we won by 9000 votes!Nine thousand..!
A big thank you to all those who contributed your time, energy and money to the campaign, and also to those who had come by to read this blog and casted your vote for Ed.

I personally have been very encouraged and blessed by this whole experience, not to mention extremely tired too.

A note from Ed will be post up soon.

He's still busy answering calls and responding to smses.
Barisan Rakyat.
It begins.



Geoffrey said...

Well done to yourself and team. Am proud to be associated with this historic campaign, to contribute and assist the little that I could as a PA. It was well worth it with the win (it would also have been whatever the outcome).
I speak for myself, but perhaps this may be shared by others - Do not worry about thank-yous, dinners etc. We are also doing our duty. Now we must let Edward do the job, and no illusions about the mammoth scale of the task ahead. Keep us posted on plans, progress, challenges, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for help and resources and I think many will continue to try to help and contribute in whatever way wherever possible -- to continue the agenda for Change!

Wattahack? said...

go go go Ed we'll help make Selangor a better place! BR Rocks!

Edward said...

I'm sure resources will be needed in more ways than one. Many things are still being ironed out so we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

Might not update this blog anymore and opt for a dot com site.

We'll see how it goes :)


zorro said...

Congrats Ed. You deserved all the votes. suggest you keep to this blog...98% of websites are never monitored and moderated. charlotte is doing a good job with this blog.

charlotte....we spoke once but never met....you being the typically back-stage bee. Kudos. Your contributions made all the difference. god Bless.

Edward said...

Hiya Zorro,

Will update this blog when more info comes in. Right now, unc Ed has mainly been attending meetings and interviews.

Would like to meet you sometime soon :)

Yep, backstage bee - that's me.
Don't like eyes on me...

Thanks Zorro!
I'm glad this blog contributed, however little. At first I had only planned to insert the manifesto and profile, but then.. it became this :D