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Dad's favourite flower

Dear dad,

Time flies, and it's been a year since you have left us. Funny how it still feels so surreal that you're no longer here with us. At times it's hard to reconcile how you can be so alive in memory, yet so silent in reality.
We still remember you like yesterday..

It is hard losing a part of our everyday... 
It is hard losing you...

And to have porpor - your mum - pass away five days shy of your one year makes it all the more harder to bear.
But at least she's now with you in heaven.

Til this day you remain our loving, dedicated father, our mentor, our conscience, our compassion, our hope, our strong tower, and the reason we are determined to complete the good works you had started but unable to see to fruition.

So here we are a year later, finding our way through a journey that was initially planned and set out for you, but now for Simon to carry on journeying. We know it will be an uphill battle, but we also know with surety that you wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

We miss you dearly, but we know that you're with us every step of the way.

Blessed Christmas dad. We love you, we love you, we love you.


His tribute site:

To share with you a glimpse of some memories with and efforts by him, we have put together a video as a tribute to him. We are extremely proud of the man that he was, and to have called him our father.


Anonymous said...

You have my vote!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Edward for the win. I'm sure you will serve Bukit Gasing's rakyats well.

Sivin Kit said...

A big congrats to your win and the win of Barisan Rakyat overall!

Edward Lee said...

:Anon @ 9:59am:
We sure did!!

:Anon @ 12.44pm:
Now he's in a better position to serve the rakyat.

YB = Yang Berkhidmat and nothing more than that.

:Rev Sivin Kit:
Thank you for running alongside us. You've been a great encouragement in many ways :)


zorro said...

Ed, you did it. Congrats. More power to you. Now sock it to 'em.

Anonymous said...


Blogs have been instrumental to spread the Opposition's message and agenda which have proven to effective by looking at the count of votes.

However, I feel that your statement below does your supporters injustice ....

"Hello readers, there won't be much updating on the blog as often as the past month.
Reason? I'm not sure what to put up!"

Therefore, I would suggest that you also use it to update (frequently) your supporters, the progress of changes that DAP is making in PJ and how the party is living out your manifesto.

Rocket booster.

Edward Lee said...

Hello Fei Yau,

This is Charlotte and I update this blog.

As discussions are still going on, I'm not sure what I can or can't post up. I hardly see unc Ed these days too. Busy bee he is. Anyway, it's only been a week since polling day :)

Certainly will post up more stuff as things are finalised.

Thanks for dropping by!


Augustinian Successor said...

Greetings in Jesus, Edward! It was good to have met you at GT last Saturday, and thank you for sharing your thoughts on local councils.

Keep up the good work! Ours is a just and noble cause. May God the Father Almighty through His Only-Begotten Son by the Spirit Who proceeds from Both bless and keep you!

Warmly in Christ,

BaitiBadarudin said...

ditto, zorro!
syabas, edward, and kindly respond to my offer to serve the S17 community through research and outreach.

Edward Lee said...

Hello Baiti,

Good thing you mentioned about your email, cause it went into the spam folder!

Thanks for your email. I shall let Ed respond.


Unknown said...

Edward, I'm glad my family and I voted for you. Keep up the good works.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

close down all karaoke and places selling beer and liquor immediately.

top chinese executives from all companies under the pretext of entertaining customer after work
are wasting their time and increasing the companys expenses.

on top of this nonsense hanky panky
are aplenty.

the govt should ban all this nonsense immediately and urged all
executives and above to go back to their respective families after work.

i am chinese and i support PAS 100%
on banning of alcohol.

alcohol is nothing but trouble.

marriages are crumbling becoz of this nonsense

i am very sure all the chinese housewives and whatever will
support 100% PAS good intention.

DAP/PKR please think out of the box.

remember we voted for changes.

Drinking and gambling are not part of chinese culture.

Edward Lee said...


I believe that adults should be able to guard themselves and not leave it up to politicians to do so.