.:25 April 08:.

Hello readers,

It's Charlotte here.
Will try to give a brief account of what Ed has been up to of late.
Don't have his diary with me so I'll try to recall from what Simon has told me and also from what I've attended together with them.


Met with individuals in MBPJ quite many times to sort out issues as well as to discuss best ways to iron out other issues. This will be an ongoing occurence.

Met several consituents and hawkers who encountered issues regarding flooding, poor drainage, house's exterior wall collapsing due to external works, house's interior walls cracking due to constrution of a high-rise building (if I'm not mistaken).

Met with some reps from CSI-Parliament as well as other MPs to discuss important legislation that should be put forward.

Met with Haniza (PKR) to discuss how to best revamp the market in Old Town. (It's under Taman Medan constituency.) At the same time also brought a husband and wife couple to Haniza's service centre. They have issues regarding their house in Taman Medan which they bought through a bank lelong.

Attended four Hindu temple ceremonies.

Attended KL High Court's hearing about the development on Bukit Gasing.

Ed has also been sworn in on Tuesday 22 April 08.
He also had to attend several classes (seminars?) regarding his new role. One of them was a class on "Bahasa Baku" :P

Met with several condos' RAs which seeked Ed's advice. Also attended some of their AGMs (more condo AGMs tomorrow too!)

That's probably just one eight of what they've done in the past two to three weeks.
Sorry for the poor account. Will have see how we can best work this out with me still working a full-time job.

Oh, and lastly, they're both at the second KL High Court hearing about the development on Bukit Gasing now.


Also, have you noticed that MBPJ has become more efficient? I used to be really mad at the potholes in my area. It would take a couple of months for them to fix it, but now it takes max two weeks! (It's as though a burden has been lifted off them :))

Let's give them credit for their work done in the past month.
And let's hope that with Ed working closely with them, Bukit Gasing will be up and running smoothly in no time :)

Meanwhile, should there be any other issues in your area, do read on how to make a complaint to MBPJ here.

Okay, back to work for me! (Would rather be in the High Courth hearing though...)


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