.:18 March 2008:.

hi all

1. charlotte said it all. these last few days post election have been extremely hectic.

2. my heartfelt thanks for all those who voted me into this huge and responsible undertaking of being your adun. i shall do my best not to fail your trust.

3. i am receiving many crank calls ranging from people who think that the adun's are at their beck and call even at 1.30 am in the morning - just to complain that there are snatch thieves and burglaries in their vicinity. the girl who called said that it wasn't her that called last night night but her friend who used her phone. told her i don't mind if she was in imminent danger but for complaints, pls call at more reasonable hours and give your poor adun some sleep. she apologised and said that she thought we were on 24 hours call standby, sigh!

4. then there were several that gave false reports - even sent photos to back their complaints. mak and i went to check and found the reports false. i guess that's the hazards of life of an adun.

5. attended court in jalan duta this morning on the bukit gasing/gasing meridien issue. the learned judge granted leave for the applicants to a hearing on april 23, 2008. round one to the residents of bukit gasing.

6. will be visiting old town market tomorrow morning at 8.00 am for an appreciation walkabout.

7. after the walkabout its off to kota damansara to accompany a director of mbpj to inspect alleged encroachment of the green area there. the clearing of vast swathes of green was supposedly meant to be the carpark for the Muslim cemetery sited there.

8. we are working together with the police to help them recruit police rank and file in their 2008 intake. this exercise still requires the approval of the chief police officer of selangor but for now should you or your friends, children wish to join the police force, pls contact us and give us the basic details e.g. name, age, address academic qualifications etc so that we may compile them with others received and hand them over to the recruitment officer. we will help monitor the potential recruits and assist in whatever way possible to ensure the youth of our communities are enlisted. pls send your applications to my email address.

cheers for now,

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