.:Polling & counting agents for Bukit Gasing Constituency N34:.

A national service and civic duty

The law permits a candidate to appoint a polling agent for the purpose of safeguarding his interest at every polling station at any one time. The role of the agent is to ensure that the voting is conducted in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.”

Dear friends of justice, fairplay, transparency, accountability and integrity,

Edward will be contesting for the Bukit Gasing State seat under the Democratic Action Party (DAP). In light of the upcoming polls, he would like to appeal to you to make yourselves available to serve as a polling and/or ballot counting agent.

Main criteria:
Must be a Malaysian citizen of 21 years and above.
(You do not need to be a member of any political party.)

We need a minimum of 180 polling agents to cover all streams in each school. With 180 agents, there will be two shifts - 4 hours each shift.
1st shift: 7.30am - 2pm
2nd shift: 2pm - 5pm
More agents = less hours per agent
Food will be provided.

Polling agents from the 2nd shift will also double-up as counting agents.
The presence of the candidates' agents is to ensure that the counting is carried out in accordance with the proper process as provided for by the relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that the counting is correct, fair and transparent.

A one-hour polling agent training will be held to familiarise you with what to look out for to prevent voter fraud. Training sessions will end on 29 Feb (Fri) as names have to be submitted to SPR a week before polling day.

As a responsible citizen and voter, you can play a part to ensure free & fair elections by volunteering yourself as a polling agent to monitor potential abuse of the election process.

You may register yourself as a polling agent for the opposition in the Bukit Gasing constituency by contacting melissawongyf@gmail.com.

Do provide Melissa with:
- Full name (as stated in IC)
- IC number
- Address
- Contact number
- Email address
- 2 recent passport-sized photos (for ID tags - requirement of SPR)



zorro said...

Edward, welcome to the blogging fraternity.
My BARISAN RAKYAT readers would like to know your ceramah schedule.

Edward said...

Hi Zorro!

This is Charlotte from Ed's campaign committee. I've updated the blog with ceramah and walkabout dates. Do spread the word.

And thanks for popping by :D