.:Why am I endorsing Edward Lee?:.

Why am I endorsing Edward Lee and volunteering my weeknights and weekends for his campaign? It's not just because I'm dating his son, Simon - there's way more than that ;)
I've seen him as an ordinary person for the past four years.
When I first met him four years ago, he wasn't near being a politician then, but within the four years, I've heard him share his dissatisfaction about the ruling party and its ministers. I've seen him run around voluntarily, without pay, to make PJ a better place.
Below is an account of the Edward whom I know prior to November 2007 when he expressed his interest in going into politics.
Many will already know of his efforts in fighting for community issues.
Here's his out-of-public side.
One day, I went over to unc Ed's house and he was looking for his badminton racquets. Why? One of his boy with learning disabilities was about to go over. They played badminton in his garden in the evening.
There was another time when he told me he'll be going to watch Garfield in the cinema.
It made sense when he told me that he'll be bringing that same boy.
How many old(er) men have watched Garfield with somebody other than their own family/relatives?

This boy calls unc Ed "coach".
Another time I saw a Snoopy logo on unc Ed's mobile.
Then I found out that it was this other boy who did that.
They usually go for a drinks at mamak stalls, watch movies or he'll tag along when unc Ed needs to run errands. I've even eaten lunch with them a couple of times.

This boy calls unc Ed "fren" while usually giving a slight shove to unc Ed's shoulder.

They are only two out of the others unc Ed's ministered to.
We've been on trips together too: Penang, Langkawi, Perhentian, Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Bentong hotsprings and waterfall, Gabai waterfall.
People find it strange, cause sometimes, it's just unc Ed, Simon and myself.
I find it normal cause he's so easy to be with.
The Perhentian trip? He went along with us with and a bunch of our friends. When not snorkelling, he'll usually just stroll alongside us and laugh at the silly things we do.
He enjoys the little things - snorkelling at Perhentian, sitting under the falls at Gabai, driving around Langkawi, eating supper at Penang, eating scones and sipping tea at Camerons (after some trekking!).
One thing I admire most about him is that he doesn't need flashy clothes nor a flashy car to boost his image. After giving/attending a talk, he'll drive back with his old Nissan Sunny, go home, and then cut grass with his own lawn mower (I've tried it once - pretty fun!).
Humility and service above self – how many ministers actually have that?
I couldn't have asked for a better leader to serve, neither could I have asked for a better future father-in-law to have.
I strongly believe in his cause and I believe that if you give him a chance, you'll be able to see that good in him that many people lack in this time and age.

Edward Lee's campaign committee member + blogsite manager

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